Nothing really interesting. I might add something to the front page.

More refined changes


As of Project2's request (yes, project2 :o) I made a margin on all pages so it's easier to read?

I also suspect more people might hear about WWW2 as I posted it on the unofficial Neocities Discord.

If you are here from that, welcome! Enjoy your stay. (or don't, if you don't like my site.)

Someone followed me


I never expected it to happen. Well it did, because lancer502 followed me. Thank you! Also I made a button, it's on the main page.

EDIT: Frustration over trying to get the Ourspace button to work in xhtml. If you didn't know, this website is valid XHTML Transitional.

Website has begun


So uh, hello. This website is really just a creative outlet or something I guess.